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Chasethehedgehog (AKA Captain Badass) is a self-proclaimed Internet celebrity and artist. He believes himself to be within the top ten percent at DeviantART even though he draws like a 7 year old with Down's Syndrome.

Somehow, a /b/tard stumbled across one of chase's Microsoft Paint drawings of Sonic and posted it on /b/ and a link to his page was also featured on the invasion board on 7chan. At least 100 /b/tards visited chase's page and commented about chase's, sad excuse for art. As one would expect, those comments consisted mostly of death threats. Since chase suffers from retardation, he claimed that he had called the police and that they would be coming after all those who threatened him, generating much lulz within the tubes.

Despite just about everyone having now realized the breadth of his epic fail, Chase has recently taken to spouting off about how he doesn't care what everyone else thinks of his work, and how his recent milestone of 100,000 pageviews makes him an hero (despite the fact that 90-97% of his views were in the name of milking one heifer of a lolcow, the remainder being in pity). He is, therefore, a LIVING PARADOX
Chase the hedgehog's shitty failures on deviantART were viewed by 100,000 people.Way to to go Chase!
by k1ngk1tty January 04, 2008
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A well known artist in the Sonic Recolourism art movement, clearly is within the top 10% of artists on Deviant Art.
I am better then most people on deviant art. I am NOT saying Im the best cause Im not cocky but Id say Im in the top 10% here.

by Edison Watson June 07, 2007
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