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Self proclaimed GOAT} P4P(pound for pound) not to be confused with G4P boxing 'champion' of the non-existent Underground Boxing Federation. Stars in his own YouTube series of videos where he spars with random people and then selectively edits the video and post it to YouTube as a win, even if he runs away. Most famous for sucker punching Floyd Mayweather Senior and cyber stalking Deontay Wilder until he allegedly threatened Wilder's daughter, at which time Wilder took him to school.
Unlike most internet tough guys he did have one professional fight, with a fighter with a 1-13 record, he lost due to disqualification for spitting his mouth guard out 3 times in 74 seconds.
Opinions vary if he is pulling an Andy Kauffman stunt, mentally ill or on drugs
Random guy Who is that guy walking around a Las Vegas casino with a Toys r Us belt.
Other Guy That is Charlie Zelenoff he bought that belt for himself,.
by sometreehugging liberal May 16, 2016
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