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A phrase coined by the infamous engineer, Cameron Vant, on March 3rd, 2016 that describes the awkward feeling a passenger experiences when attempting to open a locked vehicle's door too soon or when assuming the door was unlocked. The feeling the passenger would incur would be similar to one in which a gladiator would feel if it were to hop into the wagon before the chariot was ready in front of a coliseum full of spectators; usually embarrassed, shameful, or stupid. A severe case of chariot's itch may occur when the passenger is opening the door at nearly the same time the driver unlocks the door. Often times during cases of severe chariot's itch the passenger may double tap the window, signaling the driver to unlock the door, followed by another awkward experience of trying to explain one's actions.

The antonym of chariot's itch is "colossal applause". See colossal applause.
Oops, sorry about that Franz, I must have had a bad case of chariot's itch.
by camvant August 16, 2016
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