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Cambridge-based trucking company known for their 100 km/h speeds. Owned by mr Einweeinie (Dan Einwechter, origin unknown) and directed by safety boss Bobby Can't go farther than Halfayard Halfyard.

They sport the usual Challenger Logo with a Red, Yellow and Blue flag. Their yard in Cambridge Ontario, is based on the same scheme as Super Dave Osborne's "Super Dave Compound".

There is a rumor going at Challenger that it was named after Bob Halfyard, who was "challenged" to run half a yard and couldn't go farther. Halfyard was half-challenged!

Challenger owns Cam Ditz (Hiltz), AGAIN! Motor Freight (Elgin Motor Freight), Motor City Sexpress (MCX) and Challenged! Motor Freight (Challenger Motor Freight).

The Challenger drivers are usually courteous but are the butts of many jokes. Usually they're called the Challenged Monkeys, Mentally Challenged, and Challengees.
Dan : I drive for Challenger Motor Freight!
Man : Good for you son! I drive for Swift!
by Disgruntled Greyhound Driver November 18, 2006
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