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When male gonadial's have experieced a large amount of friction due to inner thigh rubbing friverously against it. Other possible causes are large amount of wire like pubic hair building up between gonadials and thigh, or a missplaces piece of 80 grit sand paper lodging itself deep within the recessions of your body.

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A song made by Tyler Ferrari when under the influence of alcohol, playing an acoustic with a multitrack recording program such as Cool Edit Pro
Jesus christ, I needed to sand something today and couldnt find my sandpaper. So when i was masturbating at high speeds, it became more chaffed than normal and i found that piece of sandpaper. I was so happy, i ran into the garage and started sanding my wood. Then i realized the birdhouse was still inside. I SCREAMED in agony, and now i am left with a shitty birdhouse, severed penile gland and CHAFFED BALLS.
by Tyler January 11, 2004
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