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An 40 year old perverted man who stalks little girls and boys and wears lots of eye liner..a chaban is usually overweight and proud of his curves..a chaban is very dangerous and when passing one you should always have a buddy {just in case he strikes}. chabans usually have gray hair and slinty eyes..{perfect for seeing aroud corners} and can almost always be seen sporting a $5.00 shirt in a fruity colour like yellow or pink. Chabans love the darkness and always enjoy working at the computers alone watching students run by..{so always carry a flashlight}
bottom line is a chaban is a dangerous old man who loves girls and boys{ he will come to your school in the form of a friendly substatute teacher ..but belive me..he is much much more than that}
Why are you hidding in the dark like a chaban?
by Some suweet ass kid May 05, 2006
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