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The Cellphone Terrorist has the capability to disrupt classes without even being present. They will leave their belongings in class as they go for a bathroom break when, suddenly, the sound of "My Humps" fills the room. Yes, that's The Cellphone Terrorists new ring tone for this week and it isn't going to stop until they return. Those unfortunate enough to be sitting beside The Cellphone Terrorist will hang their head in shame as piercing gazes are shot directly their way.

Upon return, The Cellphone Terrorist will usually check their missed calls and proceed to call said person back by means of a covert coat-over-the-head technique that they have perfected.
*phone rings*

Jen: Hey Beth...oh yeah I know. OK I'll be there tonight. Yeah I'm in class right now, just call me back later with directions. I'll call Cindy right now and let her know.

Andrew: She is never off her phone and we are reviewing for the final.

Jake: I know man, that girl is a cellphone terrorist.
by Hector Jr August 12, 2008
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