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Cellieslavery is the lowest point of the history of computers. Basicly, people have to deal with ultra-locked
down hand sets, the apps set sucks, even the most pathetic
little things such as a crapy quality 'ring tone', or a simple JPG image (called a wall paper) is far more expensive than the better, less expensive or free offerings on PCs.
In the cellslavery world, things we take for granted on PCs like playable demos are almost non existant in the cell phone world, and demos that are available are often
20 years behind the times, mostly being expireware or
a mere slide show.

A Cellieslave is a person who gets charged ridiculous amounts of money for stupid things like MIDI 'ring tomes' and JPG 'wall papers', or a line of text in SMS because he/she don't know better, or thinks it's cool because this crap which wouldn't be acceptable in the computer world
is welcome with open arms in the cell phone market.
"Instead of being tied into the cellieslavery culture, why not become a real computer user instead?"
by smackarooe August 05, 2007
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