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cela is a beautiful girl most guys wanna get at! she's super smart, caring, smart, and so on. she's makes the best friend, aswell as a girlfriend! celas usually have a large butt and large tits. if you know a cela, I would snatch her up before anyone else bc everyone is going to wanna piece! she will help out in the worst of situations, even if she has a lot going on in her own life. if she likes you, she will still help you get the girl! if your best friends and you like the guy she does, she will let you have him!
girl 1: who is that?
girl 2: she's a Barbie
girl 3: I think her name is cela
guy 1: gimme a sec ima go get me some
by lola123456love November 22, 2013
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Short for "excellent." Comes from second and third syllables of excellent. Pronounced "keh-la"
That music video was cela.
by gregin November 02, 2018
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