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cedahurst a place of harmony, where the stench is unbarable. The probable cause of that is the smell of Jewsih men and women not bathing for a week. Now if thats not bad enough than they have to give a terrible attitude and if you happen to be in town on a saturday than your lucky. Thats when the Jews highbernate(no idea how to spel <<see)any way there money hungry soles lay in there temples reading there torahs. If you happen to be on the street and drop a coin mostly pennies they will chase after it, they will run into the middle of the street get hit by cars, just to recieve there one scent reward. There yalmuke wearing children, possibly high off there own smell think there tough and try to pick fights without dropping there talses. While this is going on the little old ladies who cant drive, are driving huge SUV's crashing into the sidewalk daminging meters and killing several people. There spread there terrible food, kosher pizza, and kosher meat. Honestly who the hell cares if an animal died and it just happend to suffer comon. What a place to live when I grow older that will be my town of worship.
In cedahurst, "A Penny a day keeps the Jews away".
by Abobba May 02, 2006
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