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An amazing girl, unlike any you've ever seen before. Laid back, and totally down to earth. Up for anything anytime.. just call her up. Nothing really ever bothers her. She just goes with the flow, whatever happens, happens. Around her friends she may seem very loud and outgoing, but she really is a very shy girl. Doesn't like meeting new people.
Funniest girl you'll ever meet. She can light up your day even when hers isn't so bright. Beautiful also, nice body. big bumpin' booty. Commonly referred to as KC and or foxy. Shes a very independant girl, doesn't need anyone else...but she dosent like to be alone. Always wants someone there with her, but it doesn't have to be a guy. She could get through life without one, all she needs is a few good friends. Is a very good girl..... most of the time. Hates no one. Loves all.
Damn, that Caysee sure does got a nice booty

Lets call up Caysee, I miss that silly goose
by Masta of Disguise August 17, 2010
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