An open audition which allows anyone to try out.
We're all showing up for the cattle call they are having for the movie shooting in town net summer.
by bendit January 19, 2014
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Used to define the rush of (overweight) people to a meal or (food) of some kind.

The rush can usually be felt and mistaken for (seismic) activity.
Was that an (earthquake)? No that was just a (Cattle Call), the tamale guy is in the kitchen.
by The Wonder Girls March 02, 2010
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Calling out to harass an over weight person.

using demeaning or inappropriate terms.
using crude and offensive language
Often performed for and audience or self amusement.
The act is verbal and not a physical behavior.
The conduct constituting harassment is not always sexual in nature.
"Is it still winter or is your fat ass blocking out the sun?"

The opposite of "cat call"
getting your cattle call on.
Oh hell, are you getting you cattle call on again?!?
by intuitionx2 August 13, 2010
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