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Sexual intercourse engaged in to make up for having missed opportunities for sex. The missed sex could be due to your partner traveling, or being too busy, or having a fight. This is different than make-up sex. With make-up sex there is one sex act which accomplishes the goal. With catch-up sex you have to compensate for all the sex you missed having.
Wife: That was really good sex.
Husband: Yes, but we'll need to do it again in 2 hours.
Wife: Why on earth?
Husband. We were mad at each other for a week. We would have had sex 5 times in that week. We have four more to go.
Wife: Oh yeah, catch-up sex.

Joe: Hey want to go to the driving range tomorrow?
John: No, I can't. I have to stay home with my wife all weekend.
Joe: Honey-do list?
John: Sort of. I was out of town for two weeks straight, tomorrow is dedicated to catch-up sex. I have to honey-do her a lot.
by harmony08 July 04, 2011
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