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(Disease) When a break up occurs with a girl you liked a lot and shes a total bitch to you for a very long time after a break up, Like a Disease that you cant get rid of.
Examples: Hate mail, Spam, Random bitching out, dirty looks, Prank calls, Ect. You guys know what I mean.
Bitch whore mean
Yeah, That Toasterking kid is going to catch bitch when that whore Annie breaks up with him.

You: "Yeah Annie just bitched me out again and Dude, last night she prank called my cell like 40 times".

Friend: "Hahaha Dude Sounds to me like you caught bitch. Go to the doctor and get some pills or something for that man".

You: "You're just so funny *and punch him* "

Friend: "Yeah dude just don't infect me"
by Toasterking January 01, 2008
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