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1. Pejorative term for an online game player who derives significant personal self-worth from accomplishments in said games where such accomplishments result from other players' inability to put in as much time or have the same opportunities. (see catass for base definition)

2. Pejorative label for an online gamer who has an unhealthy zest for PvP (Player vs. Player) combat in an online game which belongs to the genre of RP (Role playing) and not PvP. Used in response to the term "carebear" as it applies to players in online RP games (also known as MMORPG) who simply like to engage in traditional PvE (player vs. environment) playstyle without a bunch of greifing and PK nonsense irrelevant to the storyline.
1. "Wow that guy is a real catasshat - he's logged in 24x7 and thinks he's hot stuff because he's got a lot of gear, and makes sure everyone knows it.

2. "Carebear, huh? Better than being a catasshat!"
by Leif the Hierophant February 21, 2006
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