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Another classic term for something that there is nothing better than. Bee's knees is the more commonly known synonym.
"I like your slacks."

"Yeah dude they're the cat's cunt!"
by Cuntdy June 23, 2008
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Anyone who bludges excessively or tries to minimise the amount of work they are required to complete while on the job, whether intential or otherwise.

Cats - because they are lazy.
Cunt - because more often than not someone else has to pick up the slack.

The derivitave also suggests that young cats bleed on the carpet while maintained indoors, directing the respective owners to yell out in frustation and disgust "CUNT!"
Person 1 - Close the front door, what were you born in a barn.
Person 2 - I'll get it on the way out.
person 1 - You Fucking Cats Cunt.
by GBMan January 03, 2006
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