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One of the sexiest girl alive. Once u meet her, u will never want to let her go. Keep her around you, and u will be happy forever. A loyal one. Stubborn but has a soft heart. Dont ever break her heart. She really loves to laugh. She wants someone to treat her the way she treats people. She has an amazing body. A curvy one for sure, u will not regret having her! Long legs. All the outfits she wears, none of them letting your sight down ;) walking like a supermodel, every outfit match her well. Wavy hair. She has a sweet smile and a very cute one. She is shy at first, get to know her more, it’s worth it. Trust me. She is also a loyal one. Very loyal. She is kind hearted and very sensitive to everything around her. She likes surprises. She loves hug. Cuddling. Casyndra is also a very clingy person. She would be very happy if someone spent the day just for being with her. Casyndra also loves to imagine things. Very imaginative. She is also spiritual.
She is so Casyndra
by Casyndra December 26, 2017
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