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The state or quality of being naked in the presence of somebody else, just because it happens or needs to happen, for example when changing clothes in a changing room. The term implies that the person being naked is comfortable with it because it is casual, functional, and thus meaningless. For the other person or people around, casual nudity can still be uncomfortable or awkward. So although the nudity is 'casual', it is typically not meaningless or neutral to at least one party: the spectator usually feels either uncomfortable, embarrassed or aroused. The very idea of someone being naked without giving a fuck is a pretty sexy idea to some. Hence, casual nudity is not the same as unarousing nudity.
A: "I used to fantasize about dropping in on my sister being naked in the bathroom, but it never happened."
B: "Casual nudity is the bomb!"
C: "Nah, it's overrated. There's nothing like somebody consciously flirting with you."
B: "Still, yo, being casually naked and realizing somebody's watching you -- that's hot!"
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by Monticello-W October 18, 2016
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