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a cesspool organism that thinks straight male youtubers having abusive sex is kinky and also looks like the mayor's son from horton hears a who
guy one: hey man, where's that slime coming from?
guy two: there must be a drooling cartoon junkie close by
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by godjustdiealready October 04, 2017
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a septiplier obsessed artist that is amazing at what they do
person 1: hey have you seen this drawing of these youtubers?
person 2: yeah that was made by cartoonjunkie!
by thatonewizard November 22, 2016
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Someone who is absolutely obsessed with cartoons and comics. They practically wont take their eyes off of their favorite comics during class.
John: That guy is always readinv comics during class.
Miranda Lin Manuel: Yeah, He's a cartoonjunkie.
by UrbanAshton February 16, 2017
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