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A sub par community located saskatchewan (yah that big flat thing located in the middle of canada). It is inhabited by a large percentage of inebriated insestual rednecks. The preferred method of transportation include tractors, combines, quads and anything that has a lift kit. A typical conversation with a local could include an argument about dodge, john deere or which cousin you want to fuck next. It is also home to a second rate hockey team full of futureless plugs still living the dream in their parents basement in a league better known as the jungle. Women or humans with some form of feminism might look better in the dark, girls in carrot river better hope that plus size models make good money. The legal age to consume alcohol at the local tavern is 19 or 16 on stripper nights depending on the limited supply of pilsner or how money hungry the "buisiness man" of the town is, the bar owner. Most fridays the town gathers at the local highschool football field to watch six man, yes six man football, half the recommended amount of players. carrot riverians will bring their daughters to be baptized at tri town thunder home opener where each player picks the virgin of there choice to fornicate. (by virgin i mean not fucked by someone outside the extended family). The resteraunt of choice is a run down cafe owned by squinty eyed yella skins and their rice cookers. in conclusion Carrot river is a community filled with despair and nothing good will ever come of it.
The most likely place to get laid in carrot river is your family reunion.
by canadaaa December 25, 2009
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