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A carpetflumper is one, disregarding the intent of the mistake, who spills bong water by either tilting the bong too much or merely releasing the device entirely, resulting in the dispersal of bong water amongst a perfectly clean carpet.
Thus, the act is of course called "carpetflumping".

A less terse explanation is provided in the experience below.
Victim: Aye Duncan, hurry up and rip this shit.
( Inexperienced undertaker commences bowl rip, which was deemed too large for the capacity of his lungs, causing him to blow into the bong. This causes the bowl itself to become a projectile due to the burst of bongwater forcing its escape to the only other exit of the device. Water then settles into the carpet and eminates an aroma so dank, it immediately envelops Duncan in a feeling of embarrassment as his dignity flees the scene. )
Victim: Dammit, Duncan. You're a fucking carpetflumper.
by BaronDeMarathon November 17, 2011
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