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MIS's resident geek chick. Creator of the Geek Squad at MIS, can usually be found roaming the hallways during class time, or at the IT desk. Is a g-town lifer and co-created the term rank in the bank with maggie. Starts mini food-fights in the cafeteria, and teachers despise her for sarcastic comments constantly made during class. Overuses the term epic and listens to music waaaaaay too loud.
1) aly: so what'd you do in break today?
carolynxriot: ripped apart an iPod mini and put it back together...
aly: why?
carolynxriot: i was epically bored.

2) magz: did you see our word put up on urbandictionary?
carolynxriot: FTW! rank in the bank is up! awesome!
by carolynxriot January 28, 2009
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