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a person who will take advantage of / or overindulge in eating a lot of meat at a steak/Brazilian restaurant.
Sam was a carnivowhore on Friday night at Smith & Wollensky!

Carnivowhore Heaven

Step 1: Sit down, relax, and enjoy a drink while we explain the dining experience.

Step 2: Enjoy while we serve you authentic Brazilian side dishes:

Step 3: Turn your Mundo block green side up, signalling that you are ready for our carver waiters to begin tableside service.

Step 4: Choose from cuts of delectable fire roasted meats that are brought to your table, sliced, and served by our waiters.
Picanha - Rump Cap
Alcatra - D Rump
Maminha - Tri Tip
File ao alho - Garlic Fillets
Cupim - Hump or Chuck Crest
Frango - Chicken
Linguica - Brazilian Sausage - (mixed beef & pork)

Step 5: When you are satisfied, flip the block to the red side until you are ready for more offerings.

Step 6: If you wish, end the meal with one of our delicious desserts, (coffee/tea or digestifs)
by Rovina August 05, 2010
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