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Carjunk is the crap they show you at the repair shop. These parts may or may not have been useful and worthy at one time, but, your teenager managed to shred them to bits. Now its carjunk, and it just cost you $$$$ to have new ones put in. That oughta teach you to let that little shit drive the family truckster! One night of rattass teenage driving beat the living daylights out of your ride to work Monday thru Friday!
My kid used the car last Saturday and it wound up home with a pair of bald tires, a transmission without reverse, and no brakes! Now I had to spend $250 for 2 new tires, $400 for some new brakes and stuff, and $1,300 for a used transmission. All I got back was this carjunk and I even had to pay $8 to get rid of the old tires!
by harold...of harold and rene October 01, 2011
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