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A girl who is crazy and outgoing as soon as you meet them. After you get to know her she is also, brave, loyal and protective of friends and family. Carilyn is a girl who shines best around her friends but careful if you say something about her or her friends she just might rip your head off. Carilyn is a girl with a short temper and significant rage, she is someone who will kill for the people she cares most about. Carilyn is a great friend if you are ready for the wild side of her. Carilyn doesn't fit in any social class instead she makes her own with the people she trusts and cares about most. Carilyn is an amazing friend and will never abandon you even if you did something wrong you will always be on her mind. A friendship with a girl like her is rare so if you get the chance be her friend and don't treat her badly because she takes everything to heart.
Person one: Hello there want to hang out?
Carilyn: sure!(Yeah another friend I hope I don't scare her off)
3 days later
Person one walking to school with Carilyn
Person 2: hey look it is a fat cow!(points to person one)
Person 2 friends laughing
Carilyn walks over to them
Carilyn looks them in the eyes
Carilyn: SAY THAY ONE MORE TIME I WILL BANG YOUR HEAD SO HARD INTO THE GROUND YOU WILL SEE LAVA!!( kicks guy in the balls walks off with person 1)
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by The Bitches BFF May 18, 2018
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