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a cariane is a peice of dried poo that sticks underneath your finger nails when you wipe with your hands.
the other day i rubbed my nose, and i noticed a cariane.
by Patrick Mcmillen November 16, 2004
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An amazing gorgeous person who's hilarious and great to be around brings a positive vibe when with a group of people and is someone you always want to be around. Will bring you up on a bad day and hype u up when u look cute. They're also smart and is someone everyone wants to sit next to during class. She has many talents and underestimates herself but is an amazing,talented person through other peoples point of views.
Girl: "oh her...that's my bestfriend Cariane,she's amazing isnt she?"
Boy: "Can you introduce her to me"
by kewl05 September 23, 2017
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