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You've just spent the whole day trying to solve a problem, a design problem, a bug, etc. You know the solution is simple but you just can't see it.

A colleague walks past and notices your anguish: "What's up?".

"Oh, I'm ...". You explain the problem and what you have done so far. However you suddenly discover the solution before you have finished speaking! So far your colleague has been as useful as a cardboard cutout.

This happens often and I think it is due to you having to present your problem to someone in a way that you think will aid their understanding, often dispensing with some of the details. In doing so, you also clarify your own thoughts, untying them in your mind to eventually cite a solution.

Sometimes all it needs is a cardboard cutout of your favorite GURU!

-- RussFreeman.

Also sometimes known as a Programmer's Dummy - DarrenTarbard
My Cardboard Programmer was outsourced to a shoebox in India.
by cellular January 21, 2015
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