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n. 2007, chiefly British
Carbon Con is an expression used to describe what some think is a con game surrounding carbon emissions and global warming. It can involve anything from climate summits to carbon trading. What is at stake is the billions of dollars being used to fund questionable climate research that is skewed to support the global warming theory.

The Carbon Con Game.
Peter Huber, 10.15.09, 10:20 PM EDT

Forbes Magazine dated November 02, 2009

The great carbon con?
Is carbon offsetting a responsible way to reverse the effect our lifestyle has on the planet - or just a sop to our consciences?
Open Thread, Wednesday 10 January 2007 13.25 GMT
When will the media report the Kyoto carbon con?

Sting started the carbon con when he purchased a piece of the rain forest.

To appease the carbon con contingent, Tony Blair shelled out 89.82 pounds to offset his carbon use that fueled his family trip to Florida.
by canary in the mine December 28, 2010
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