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A little child with some major jealousy issues. Paranoid of Vash and all his fans. Hates all the attention vash get's yet he probly gives him the most with his hate speech. Jealousy is a form of flattery so vashy knows he is loved deep down inside of this poor kids soul. He probly has very little friends in life with his crappy personality and attitude towards others. He be-littles people just to make himself feel better, it's sad to be like this boy, so much hate inside of him.
pitty the people that have children that grow up like this guy
by vashy August 13, 2005
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1. boring
2. Not cool
3. Stupid
4. sad
5. crappy
6. pathetic
7. ugly
8. fat
9. Fanboy
10. tries to hard.
11. has no imagination.
Captain Drake is stupid.
by Captain Drake December 06, 2003
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