Top definition is a blog run by a girl named gwen. Gwen is a perfect example of the 4 F's. ( fierce, flawless, fabulous, and fantastic) She is the queen of the New York Rangers which would make her Henrik Lundqvist's wife. Even Wayne Gretzky bows down to her. Gwen knows everything about the 1994 Rangers season and keyboard cat which makes her even more perf. I mean, just look at her posts. They are more then the bees knees (because we all know bees don't have knees) they are like the horses wings. Which was basically a reference to Taylor Hall's hair if you didn't catch that.
"Omg look at that captain-callahan blog. that girl is wonderful"

"Ikr. I heard when Gwen went to a game, Brandon Prust's overbite jaw dropped."
by gwenfan1 January 30, 2012
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