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a perfect and valid reasonable excuse for any random acts caused by consumption of mass quantities of Captain Morgan.
this includes but not limited to, phone calls,text messages,strange photographs,breaking noses,the use of fireworks indoors,deciding that you should run for president, or sword fighting a ninja.

Usually followed by a phone call to your Dad or brother and then requesting someone to give you a bucket, but not necessarily in that particular order.
(phone ringing) dad answers "Hey this is Frank"
Yack : yo yo yo yo yooooooo!

Dad: Yo yo, its 3:30 in the am, what in tarnation do you want?

Yack: I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE MAN !!

Dad : Thanks ?

Yack: No, I mean I LOVE YOU MAN ! Really, I do!!
....... hold on... I think I need a bucket...

The next day
Dad: Damnit all Yack, what the hell was your problem last night?

by reverend gov June 18, 2010
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