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The act of ingesting a combination of the drugs MDMA and jenkem. Less commonly, users will also add small amount of LSD to the combination, but as the the hallucinations associated with jenkem are quite intense many people find the added psychedelic effects of LSD to be overwhelming.

Jenkem is an inhalant drug made from fermenting human fecal matter and urine. It is popular with fans of the jamband Widespread Panic. Common slang terms for jenkem include: butt-vapors, ass gas, That Funky Air (TFA), Shit n' Piss (SnP), Slam Dump, Huff McGruff, Pooter Juice and dat sweet Jenny Jenkem

The origins of the term "candydumping" are unclear. It came into the common vernacular through the message boards of the website But due to the site's shitty search feature it is impossible at this time to offer proper attribution to the user who invented it. Phantasytour is a website where fans of the band Phish gather to bitch about stupid shit, routinely tell each other to "kill yourself" and "stick it in your butt", and laugh at Plasmatic's tragically but hilariously small penis.
"Brah I was so fucked up last night, I was candydumping so hard during that epic Space Wrangler"

"I'm thinking we might candydump this weekend. I've got some rolls and Steve has a milk jug full of vintage 2003 IT porta-potty jenkem fermenting out in his garage."

"I'm really worried about Gilly, she's been candydumping a lot lately. I think she might have a problem."
by MescMorphPT March 17, 2010
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