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A series of specific pictures, taken by two adolescents at two seperate locations, usually using a web cam, to post on web journals as an excuse to display their face in an attempt which they hope would minimize the "hey, I think I'm HAWT. But I don't want the boy/girl I'm crushing on to think I'm like conceited or anything, but in reality, I really am and want people to tell me how pretty my friend and I look" effect.
Elena and Sandie had just purchased two brand new $5 web-cams with their allowance. Now, they could join the ranks of the many other millions of our generation wasting time on the menial, ridiculous and unproductive task of a camwar. They both took pictures of themselves in poses such as "Smile!," "gangster," "thinking," "tongue out," and "look at my guns" (otherwise known as the "I lack any sort of defined muscle, but I pretend like I'm 'madd ripped'" pose). After completing their series of pictures, they would create a two column strip of photographs using programs such as Paint or Photoshop and then woule proceed to post this display of idiocy on their teeny-bopper web journals.
by your_mom. January 19, 2006
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