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In battlefield 3, Camptards are campers who normally uses the recon kit and camps at the corner of the map, at its own spawn point and not capturing the objectives or supporting the front line.

Despite the fact that Camptards not being helpful by not capturing objectives, low score and also the main reason making their own team lose, they always like to think that they are badass pros players just by comparing the number of kills/deaths to others and calling his own team mates noobs in the process blaming other players rather themself.

And also recently in Battlefield 3 forums there a huge number of camptards are whining and bitching that recon kit are not good enough and demand to make it god like.
Assault Solider: What the Fuck?! Why there are only 5 of us are taking objectives and the rest of the campers are not helping, our team is going to lose!

Camptard: ROFL you are a noob i got 32 kills and 1 death. While you have only 18 kills and 20 deaths.

Assault Solider: look the score, you not even helping us to capture any objectives.

Camptard: LOL you are retarded noob just look at the kills deaths ratio.

Assault Solider:.............
by SIedgeHammer November 10, 2011
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