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A small city in the middle of vancouver island on its Eastern coast in British Columbia Canada. It used to be once known as "the salmon capital of the world" until the salmon mysterioulsy dissapeared. the city, (known for partying because thats all there is to do here) contains a large healthy population of donkeys and skanks which seem to be doing better than the salmon because they are becoming predominatly more common. these skanks seem to have a lot of campbell river pride. when asked where they are from they answer "campbell river, wanna giver?", campbell river may further been known as "the donkey capital of the world" yet this still remains to be seen. Tim hourtons, local drug dealers, the Voodoo, bootlegger, and the real canadian superstore are its hot spots.
i was going to campbell river to go fishing but all i caught was the clat from some donkey slut who asked if i wanted to "giver"
by redstar November 19, 2005
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campbell river no longer the “salmon capital of the world” more like beauty capital of the world where the boys rip the bong, breeze, and pack fat lips. Not much to do here, but party, smoke weed, and bang pucksluts. Where the girls drink half a Palm Bay and are shit faced and just wanna fuck then use “i was drunk” as an excuse for not being called a slut.
Campbell River, home of storm
by Cr boys October 23, 2018
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