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most amazing place. ever.
we are mad about pie.
anyone who doesnt go here is a loser.
anyone who has or does go here is superrrr coooool
mataponi kid: i go to camp mataponi
random kid: I WANT TO BE YOU
by mainer... January 17, 2009
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A place where people are happy all the time. You walk in with a smile on your face and leave with the saddest goodbyes at 4am when the FL bus leaves. You end up creating these bonds of a lifetime with the most incredible girls you will ever meet. The food is incredible everyday. It's a place where the girls skip ropes to sit at the rondi’s and face the lake talking about everything and anything. The 7 year olds get jappier and jappier every summer and have 600 dollar shoes for there play dates with the boys and the seniors think it’s ok to cut everyone in lines. Camp Mataponi is the best place by far and summers without it would never be the same.
β€œhey do you go to camp mataponi??”

β€œOf course who doesn’t!!”
by camp mataponi November 22, 2018
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Camp Mataponi is a place where campers can truly be their true selves. Campers live with their sisters and green flames for 7 weeks and enjoy every moment of the this amazing place. You make memories and friendships that last a life time. Girls from 6-15 call this place their summer home. Located on Sebago Lake, Maine, there is nothing comparable to the breathtaking scenery that surrounds camp. Campers cry when they leave. They count down the days until they arrive at their happy place. Green and white link us together. Once campers leave camp, a part of them is missing. Other camps cannot compete. It is unreal how much someone can grow to love a place so much. Everyone is friends. Camp is where girls figure out who their true self is. When you come home from camp you are a completely different person. Camp teaches you the best life lessons such as responsibility and becoming an independent person. The age divisions go from Juniors to Seniors. Seniors run the camp and set an example for everybody around them. Campers look up to the Seniors. Camp Mataponi is no doubt the best place on Earth.
Camper: Camp Mataponi is the best place on Earth where I have made my best friends for a life time and have had the best times of my life.

Person: I want to go to Camp Mataponi!
by mataluvr1234 October 15, 2018
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