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a fly place with young-ones come to learn the art of sailing, and various other average sports. Located in northern Ontario, Ekon is the best summer camp where only the best of the best attend.
Kid: hey, do you go to Camp Ekon
Bob: yea man, Ekon's the bomb! Doesn't everyone go to Ekon? I mean that's where all the cool kids are at...
by yohsmomma! March 21, 2010
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a superb magical land of point situated on the beautiful lake joe. A desolate rural sprawl of goodness during its off season, this property turns into a vibrant, all-camping, fist-pumping, bundle of joy during the summer. There are four residences; deer hut, cord hut, rock hut (commonly referred to as the "raw" hut) and bear hut (or LIT hut). Uber ballin' kids come to this place to boom snap clap, play tetherball and visit Little Chief. If you haven't been there, then clearly you're a nobody....
E is for Ekon
K is for Kon
O is for On
N is for Nn
Ekon, Ekon, Ekon, Ekon,
Kon On Nn
Camp Ekon
by summmmmmmer March 22, 2010
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