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I have been going to this camp for seven years. It was nice and fun five years ago, and then the owners got divorced and Jeff (the remaining owner) uses 'roids like no other. He runs the camp with a has-been British "football" player named Daniel, who is now too fat to play "football", let alone any sport. It is an all girls camp in Hinsdale, Massachusetts and it is in the middle of nowhere. Of course there is Greylock, the brother camp to Romaca, but the Greylock guys are pigs.
Besides all of Romaca's faults, I love it as my second home. One Romacan alumni once described the camp to have a "certain magical air about it". One that surrounds you and your best friends all summer long. Best friends at Romaca are not little cliques of four or five girls, they are the whole division. Best friends is an understatement, sisters is more of a correct word.

Can't wait to write my name on the rec hall as this summer comes to a close...
"Romaca forever, Romaca forever," Jeff "Spunky" Saltz (owner of Camp Romaca).
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