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A magical school where brothers and sisters from Milton and Alpharetta come together and turn up. Lax bros think they're the shit and always get busted with MIP's or underage drinking. Dr Principal is one of the trillest niggas, he need mad respect. Athletic coach the dude all girls think it hot, he chill, but he aint know what to do but show kids movies for "education" teachers otherwise are young and some are pretty hot. The hallways are always crowded and parking lots are full or jeeps and trucks. The struggle is having a spot in the back.
Yo I go to Cambridge High school in Milton Georgia, not England.
by Cambridge Bear December 22, 2013
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The actual worst school you could ever walk into. All of Milton High School’s leftovers piled into one brick dump. Rich ass cheerleaders that get Adidas NMD’s ********* These rich ass hoes care more about their instagram pictures than their own sports teams. Speaking of their sports teams, their football team has a white freshman quarterback that led the team to a 3-7 season. Their team is full of scrawny white boys that think they can beat their “rivals” Milton High School, although the state champions, Milton High School, has beat Cambridge every year that they have played. The hypeup section is not even hype due to their weak leaders, the smurfs, and talk trash on Twitter that doesn’t back up in the games. If you are looking for the lamest party in town, just look for the mansion with gwagons lined up in the drive way filled with white kids listening to a mix of Mo Bomba and Oceans by Hillsong
That kid is ugly he must go to Cambridge High School
by Cambridge Highschool January 05, 2019
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School in Georgia filled with white boys although the very little black guys that go here are fine asf. But when u encounter a white boy you might just throw up. The freshman’s and sophomores look way better than the seniors. Their football team is absolute trash.
You’re going to cambridge high school??? Shiddd you better transfer.
by Besfrienddd February 24, 2019
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