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An expression used to describe when the person you're calling is not expected to pick up. Thus, one may as well be calling a wall. Sometimes, these people hold perfectly good conversations via text. Yet for others, it is as if you are texting a wall too.

Iván: "I really wanna to know the details for Saturday already."

Bily: "Why don't you just call her, bro?"

Iván: "Nah, I'd be calling a wall."


Bily: "I wanna get to know her better, but I never see her anymore."

Iván: "So just call her, homie."

Bily: "Nah, I've tried. She's a call wall. At this point she probably replaced the phone icon on her iPhone with Instagram."


Bily: Yo call this homie Latrell. I wanna go to Shake Shack already - I'm hungry as fuck.

Iván: Son, that's a wall call. You might as well ask this traffic light when Latrell is coming."
by larfz March 25, 2013
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