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a californian bath is when someone sprays themselves with cheap cologne or uses dove body wash because they are poor. After the bath they take about 3 grams of white widow and put it in a vaporizer. Once they have done that they take the bag of the thc and inhale it. After inhaling it they then take some right gaurd and spray themselves with it and then go out to a cheap bar and pick up some hookers.
guy1: "hey man wanna go out to a bar?"
guy2: "yeah! yeah! let me take a shower first."
guy1: "nah man! We have to go now!"
guy2: "ok ok ok ok. let me take a californian bath and get high"
guy1: "narly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we can get some hookers after so they can suck my fucking cock and i can get HIV or herpies!"
guy2: "yeah.............thats not a good idea.
guy1: "i love pot! niggers! and hoes!"
by brooks :D February 08, 2010
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