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A play on the phrase "new york state of mind"; the act of thinking, acting, and possessing the traits of a true californian. Such characteristics include frequenting the beach, using slang known only to true californians, eating beach cuisine like acai bowls, or operating a vehicle like a california driver. Most people with the california state of mind are not afraid to set trends or act differently than non-californians because they know deep down the californian way is always right (excluding the economy). Having a California State of mind is closely tied with being under the influence of californication, and can be seen in one's laid back, dgaf-like personality.
That dude totally has the california state of mind; he listens to trendy indie music in the car while eating a california burrito, talking on the phone, and going 85 mph on his way to ocean beach.
by erieee June 17, 2010
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