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People (that include myself) who drive in bumper to bumper traffic, drinking a soda, talking on the cell, all while driving at 85mph. Thats talent.
by Zimbabwe June 14, 2004
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The worst driver on the face of the planet. Frequently seen drifting in and out of lanes without signal or checking mirrors/blindspots, going extremely slow, not using headlights and/or wipers in the rain, driving extremely slow during the slightest of drizzles, generally just freaking the fuck out when driving in the rain.

Also known for driving with a cell phone to their ears, despite the face their state is one of the first to pass laws prohibiting them from doing so.
by Good driver June 29, 2009
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a driver who pulls u-turns just any old where who also thinks you can run stop signs cause they're not important dude

also crazy enough to shoot at other drivers during rush hour
"get off the road you clifornia driver"
by stoned mellow December 08, 2003
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the dumbfucks that cause accidents, pull illegal u-turns, and run red lights. you can usually tell if a driver is one because they swerve out of their lanes, are often on cell phones or swigging alcohol. their accidents usually cause a large clusterfuck.
dude, i saw some stupid california driver ram into some old lady!

ugh, stupid fucker.
by tgif234 December 21, 2010
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People that merge lanes without looking, drives 20 mph above the speed limit and thinks the road is all theirs. They get honked so much they get used to it and they also honk others that act the same as them
Fuck, I got hit by a california driver
by tacocheeze August 06, 2016
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shitty fucking drivers

notorious for running stop signs and doing u-turns and shooting at eachother and leading the police on a highspeed car chases for 4 hours
the California driver is usually either a total redneck looking carnie or a black or hispanic gang banger fighting with his bitch

generally they are glue sniffing,paint huffing prison folk!

see rednecks or retards
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good california driver in the city always do right hand turns. Hay U stay alive longer.
newbee's think about it you never need to do left turns in the city this may take longer however risk of head on crash is less. Better yet take the LA RTD.

as a california driver it not your skill BUT ( mexican without insurance ) who can't read engrish stop signs...
by itichie_nocanpo October 28, 2006
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