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-noun 1. (m) a wild breed of dog of Scottish dog, canis scot magnis penis, with a unique online gaming style, identified by it's unusually large penis and the affliction of having a form of Tourette's syndrome known as 'Seafarer's Tourettes. Kind, loving, fond of kittens and a true friend to all fellow Guardians. If ever realised in human form it he would surely be awesome and fellow man's best friend. Difficult to type gamertags, in particular inclusive of underscores, can bring out savage rage in this particular animal and shoule be avoided.
Thank god we had a Cairndog in our fireteam otherwise we may have lost that fight, I just wish he'd stop humping my leg, torso, neckerchief and ceiling fan with the vigour that should only be reserved for the most deprived form of sex pest.
by Cairndog June 06, 2016
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