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Cailida is a wonderful individual who has a lot of confidence. She tends to be a follower or a very controlling leader. She plays hard to get so she attracts the right kind of boys... sometimes. She does not like to be underpressure and loves to procrastinate. She is loyal, sassy, and a confident person. She can be your friend one minute and your enemy the next. She is a jewel who is one in a million, never take her for granted. She has a fat ass that brings all the boys chasing her. She sometimes can feel over shadowed by another friend or sibling. She loves food. Never mess with her food or she will come for you. She is somewhat good at sports but better at achedemics. She is very protective of what she loves. She is like a caring mother who will always be there for you even at your worst. She is such a special person i wish more people could experience what it is like to have her in your life.
Damn Cailida's got a fine Ass.

She got that JLO and Kim K ass.

I wish I had a Cailida Ass.
by raindropdroptopbitch May 20, 2018
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