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Amazing person! The bestest friend you will ever have. Doesn’t take crap from people and does what she wants. Is strong and always gets to her destination. Never underestimate this girl, trust me she hates it!
by xxclout4lifexx May 28, 2018
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Caidance is the type of girl that will come off shy , but she’s not once you get to know her . She is sexy as can be , and is irresistible . Nobody knows a true Caidance like her best friends though . Caidance is the type to call in love easily . If you broke her heart for a different girl then that’s your loss , because your losing out on good pussy and and a cute face .
YO , did you see her ?

She must be a Caidance .
by Amazingnessofcourse May 31, 2018
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This girl here will blow you away. everybody loves her and when she walks in a room everybody looks and says “oh look it’s caidance” very excitedly . she has the coldest heart. she doesn’t care about anybody’s feelings and has a “i don’t care” attitude. don’t mess with her. she will find a way to fuck you up. and if you lose a caidance , your missing out on some good pussy.
coco: oh look it’s caidance!

demarcus: damnn!
by okaysowestaterealfacts April 16, 2019
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