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a phrase meaning to engage a crew (usually 5 or 6 classmates), to go sit at a big round table in your university cafeteria to talk and carry on in an extremely loud and boisterous manner (so as to ensure that at least the neighboring 10 or so tables can hear) and 1) talk shit about all of the people who you just had class with, 2) make negative comments about absolutely everyone in the cafeteria, usually regarding their wardrobe choices, or 3) just chat in general, usually with a conversational emphasis on having sex and/or abusing alcohol and drugs
Although Evan had skipped class for 3 consecutive weeks, he never missed a single opportunity to caf it up. I guess ripping on fat chicks wearing clothes 6 sizes too small and swapping stories about tag-teaming strippers from behind while snorting lines of coke off their backs, was just slightly more intriguing than learning about the oxygen saturation curve of hemocyanin.
by ABGGGSWW June 17, 2007
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