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a cadet who: is stupid and/or acts like he/she is in the armed forces yet he/she isn't because he/she hasn't gone to basic traininig (boot camp).
NOTE: West Point cadets are the only exception to this term.
Johny is cadidiot because he is in college and is a member of his ROTC program and wears his uniform everywhere he goes and thinks he is a bad a**.
by seabass009 May 28, 2009
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A cadet (Usually in the ROTC) who either:

1) is an idiot, or

2) acts like he or she is already in the military.

In the first case, it can be used affectionately, or may just refer to the fact that a cadet lacks the experience and knowledge of a trained service member, rather than referring to an actual lack of intelligence. In the second sense, it is almost exclusively a pejorative term for a cadet who is arrogant or foppish.
1) That cadidiot can't even read a map.

2) That cadidiot thinks he's some sort of Green Beret or something because he's finally learned to read a map.
by Wanderhome April 19, 2011
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