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A word mainly used in Singapore and Malaysia, made up of the words 'Cabal' and 'Retard', to show someone who plays CabalSEA to such a great extent that he/she feels that the whole game is his/her life, and thus flames people who played Maplestory or similar versions.

Cabaltards also tend to stay in groups, so, when you see one Cabaltard, it is likely that there are more nearby, and they will ALWAYS stand up for one another, since they like to attack en-masse, because their collective brain power is roughly equivalent to that of an african bull.

Which is impressive, compared to their own brain power, which can be compared to that of a peanut. It should also be said that if you do happen to encounter a Cabaltard, it is important to either stay away from him/her, or otherwise dispose of him, since he will attack you for no reason, and will then proceed to disturb your training by attacking the mobs which you are training on and start insulting your whole family, e.g, "NB COME LA! WAN FIGHT IS IT! I CALL MY GUILD COME! NB MTF CB! GO SUCK YOUR FATHER COCK LA!" This is just a sentence from a minor Cabaltard.

The hardcore Cabaltards are much worse; they claimed that they are from the outerspace of what kuku Jedi Order to serve peace & harmony by flaming people in forums and yet claimed they are not wrong in any way.

They like to use impressive english to challenge people and their mastermind with blur cock face always uses Bleach main lead IGN as their forum IGN and writes his essays in purple font.

When a person ask the mastermind of kuku Jedi Order a small question, he would reply with an essay as though he wants to fight for the leadership of the Government. And when he lost the debation or his flaming spark isn't working, he will hide to unknown locations as though Mas Selamat till things goes back to usual then he will appear and be cocky in forums again!

The leader is also well-known for carrying the forum admin's balls and play pussy actions purring for innocence.

My God, that guy is such a Cabaltard. Why does he keep disturbing all our mobs?
Why does he keep using impressive english extracted from Wikipedia ?
Must be because he played too much Cabal.
by Purple Font User April 01, 2008
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