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C-bot 2.0s are basically similar to normal c-bots. However, they tend to be more cocky and confident. They commit even more time to homework, studying, and extra curriculars than normal c-bots. C-bot 2.0s are basically a way more hardcore version of c-bots. They believe they own normal c-bots and are superior. Unlike c-bots, they never sleep at all, hold 10 board positions including more than 3 president positions, have a 5.0 GPA (everyone knows that a c-bot 2.0 will never get a B in his/her life), and openly brag that they will get into prestigious colleges, especially Harvard. C-bot 2.0s also tend to brag about being in National Honors Society (NHS) and usually wave their NHS recommendation letters around. In extreme cases, they also have slapped other people with their NHS letters while repeatedly repeating the word NHS.
Bryan is such a c-bot 2.0, I saw him waving his NHS recommendation letter around and slapping people with it, while saying "NHS, NHS, NHS," over and over again.

Adrian is a c-bot 2.0, he keeps saying he's going to get into Harvard.

Wow, Adrian and Bryan are the biggest c-bot 2.0s. They think they are too good for everything because they are in NHS.
by C-bot2.0 October 15, 2009
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